And prevent the coming disaster!

This message is solely to the people listening in the 21th century. Do your best to prevent the upcoming disaster! We in the year 2156 have no information why the great war started. Some say it was the politics, some say it was the economics, some say it was because of the climate or ecology. Others even say it was something alien. Please listen to this broadcast very carefully and try collect every bit of information you can. Try to make conclusions. Alert your politicians and policy-makers about the coming war. Every action you miss to take is a one step closer to our total annhiliation. We are working hard to connect all the remaining survivors with this radio signal and to keep the time-lapse feedback channel open and running so we can broadcast this Frequency back to the past. Thank you for your co-operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Frequency 2156?

Frequency 2156 is a community based Internet radio from the year 2156. It uses well known protocols on trying to connect every last person still surviving after the great war. You can listen to our broadcast or you can browse the Message World Map on various locations. You can also request a radio message from your fellow survivors by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). And of course, you can submit your own radio messages as well.

2. So what has happened?

We (a small group of engineers and scientists) have managed to build a time-lapse feedback device which we can use to send a simple audio signal and a plain HTML-markup site back to the past. In the year 2156 everything has been annihilated by at least twenty years long nuclear/fusion war. Almost all animals have died, almost every human being is dead. We who broadcast this radio signal from the future also broadcast the same radio signal in our time to collect data about the survivors. This way we can connect with the remaining survivors and also warn the people in the past about the ominious future. If you are a fellow survivor please leave a radio message.

3. How can I send a message?

You can record your message on this HTML-markup site or you can upload an audio file in multiple formats.

For your radio message you'll need a recording device able to connect to this protocol. the supported broadcast formats are ogg, mp3, aac, aiff, werb, tlap and wav. If you have problems on broadcasting your audio try to connect us via email by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

4. I don't understand, what should I say in the message?

Any information you provide will be considered useful.

The easiest way might be just to tell about your location. Are there any survivors, has everything been destroyed, do you have radiation poisoning etc.. Anything to get that radiated dust off your chest. Read the Message Instructions below to get started.

5. How about the requests?

With a radio message request you can request a radio message from your fellow survivors by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). By filling the form you can send requests to your friends if you have their contact information.

Message Instructions

So what to message about? After all it's all up to you but here are some themes that might be useful. As a survivor we are sure you have plenty of interesting stories and valuable informaton.

Tell about the place where you live

What has happened in your location? Is is totally destroyed or did the disaster even got there? How are others doing there? What do you do to survive, what kind of technology you have etc..

Have you seen anything strange?

After twenty years of nuclear/fusion bombing who knows what has happened. Maybe something odd and strange? Keep your eyes open and report immediately if you see something abnormal.

Speculate about the war

Who started it and why? Why did so many countries decided to take a part on it? Was it a conspiracy? Is the war still going on somewhere and why? Was it even started by humans?

Tell your story

Get personal. We all suffered a lost in the great war. Tell us how you feel, how do you cope with the pain and the misery.

Get silly

Ok we know it's not actually fun that world got destroyed but after all we are humans and we makes our surviving a lot more easier if we deal it with a sense of humor. Times are dark and to cope the humor must be almost black.

Sing, play guitar, read a poem or a story.

Frequency 2156 broadcast was originally started to gather intellectual data but there's absolutely nothing wrong with art and entertainment. All artists are welcome to post their creative works on the radio.

Science & Technology in 2156

Mostly the technology we have here is the remaining technology from the old world. But maybe somewhere the progress is still ongoing. Please share all your information about the current tech you hold.

Other subjects

What ever comes to your mind. Politics, religions, animals, nature, drugs, money, aliens, robots, Social Networking, unexplained things, new wars, tribal fights. All information is considered valuable.

Peace and strength to all the fellow survivors out there!

Contact Information

You can contact us via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP):