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mattblackgod's den

1. What is Frequency 2156?

Frequency 2156 is an internet radio where everyone can send content (community based). Frequency 2156 follows a post-apocalyptic story from the year 2156 which all content must follow. You can listen to the radio, which plays all the messages or you can browse a Message World Map for single messages from various locations. You can also send a request for a radio message to your friends all around the world. And of course, you can send your own radio message as well.

2. So what is the story?

People from the year 2156 have managed to build a time lapse feedback device which they can use to send a simple audio signal and HTML-markup site back to the past. The world in the year 2156 has been destroyed by twenty-year long nuclear/fusion war. Almost all the animals have died, almost every human being is dead. People who broadcast this radio from the future also broadcast the same radio in their time to collect data about the survivors. That is where you come to the picture. You are survivor in the year 2156 and you can send a message to the radio and back to the "past".

We have managed to upload an introduction video about what we know were the reasons of the war and how it started. You can find the video on youtube.

3. How can I send a message?

You can record your message online or you can upload an audio file. If you record your message online the maximum length for the audio is 3 min.

For making your own audio file you need to have a microphone, recording software and a software/plugin which will turn your audio file into a supported format. Depending on your browser, the supported formats are ogg, mp3, aac, aiff and wav. If you have problems on uploading audio to the servers then try to stay in the browser tab as long as the process is ready.

4. I don't understand, what should I say in the message?

You could say whatever you want as long as it follows the story in which you are from the year 2156 and live in a post-apocalyptic world where nuclear/fusion war has destroyed almost everything. After that, you can just use your imagination.

The easiest way might be to just tell about your location, are there any survivors, has everything been destroyed, do you have radiation diseases or are you a cyberorc waiting for to conquer the world. Just use your imagination. You can also sing, play songs, read poems, read stories, perform an act, scream, anything you wish. Just remember that nothing goes straight through to the radio and every message sent will be moderated. Read the tutorial Message Instructions tutorial below to get started.

5. How about the requests?

With a radio message request you can request a radio message from your friends. By filling a request you can send a request to three (3) of your friends.

Message Instructions

So what to message about? After all it's all up to you but here's some themes that might give you some inspiration. Be creative and come up with some amazing story lines. Always remember that you are from the year 2156 and living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Tell about the place where you live

What has happened in your town? Is is totally destroyed or did nuclear disaster ever even came there? How are others doing there? What do you do to survive, what kind of technology you have etc..

Have you seen anything strange?

After twenty years of nuclear/fusion bombing who knows what has happened. Maybe something odd and strange? Keep your eyes open and report immediately if you see something abnormal.

Speculate about the war?

Who started it and why? Why so many countries dedicated to take a part on it? Is there still war going on somewhere and why? Was it even started by humans?

Tell about your misery

Like Old Billy, many others have also lost their loved ones in the great war. Tell us how you feel, how do you cope with the pain and the misery. Maybe you'd like to sing a song about it just like Old Billy did?

Tell some good jokes

Ok it's not really funny thing that world is destroyed but after all we are humans and we make our surviving much more pleasant if we can deal it with a touch of humor. Times are dark and to cope with that the humor must be almost black.

Sing, play guitar, read a poem or a story.

After all the Frequency 2156 radio is started in mostly informational reasons there's still nothing wrong in art and entertainment. All artists are welcome to post their creations to the radio.

Science & Technology in 2156

Even though it seems that we didn't come up with anything more destroying than a nuclear bomb, world in the year 2156 must have some earth moving scientific insights and technology. Who was the new Einstein and what did he/she discover? What new we know about the space and time, the nature of the universe? Tell everything about it.


If you have been requested for a radio message then you should answer at least to those questions what the requester has asked. Also you don't need to send a request message to the radio, you can request a radio answer from the request page.

Other subjects

What ever comes to your mind. Politics, Religions, Races, Animals, Nature, Drugs, Money and the monetary systems, Aliens, Robots, Social Networking, Unexplained things, new wars maybe even tribal fights etc.

Do not post any commercial messages to the radio. Those will be removed!

Contact Information

You can contact us via e-mail: admin (at)
Or via IRC - Quakenet #frequency2156
Or via Facebook

Founded 2156-06-15

Located just north of the Liverpool ruins mattblackgod's den is located in the ground floor and basement of a old house. The ruined house is buried under rubble and looks like just another pile of rubble.



Sender: mattblackgod

Date: 2156-06-15

A hello and quick status report of a survivor just north of what was once Liverpool, UK. A hello and quick status report of a survivor just north of what was once Liverpool, UK

1/3 Record your radio message

Record your message or drag and drop your pre-recorded audio file. If your browser supports, use radio filters and channels to make your recording most suitable for passing the time-lapse feedback. When it all sounds good press the arrow on the right.


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We strongly encourage you to upgrade your browser. Well-know supported WWW-browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Also supported are SSWW-Browsers Galactica and Soom.

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Request a radio message

To request a radio message from your friends is good way of informing them about Frequency 2156. Fill out their email addresses and they will be informed that you want them to participate and to tell how they are coping in the post-nuclear world.


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Record and send your own radio message

Record or upload your own Post-Apocalyptic survival message. By sending messages you can inform your friends, relatives and other survivors about your existing location. You can warn people about toxic and dangerous places or you may just want to have someone to hear your voice since you have got so lonely in the post-nuclear world. Use your imagination freely.

Request a radio message from a fellow survivor!

Request a radio message via E-mail to find out how are your fellows surviving in the Wastelands. Fill out their email addresses and they will be informed that you want them to participate and tell how they are coping in the post-nuclear world.

Listen to the Frequency 2156 Radio

Listen to a community based post-apocalyptic audio stream from the year 2156 broadcasted to you via Time lapse feedback device! Click here to turn on/off the radio.

Donate for the Frequency 2156

Keep us up and running by donating! Server and radio equipments costs are enormous in post-apocalyptic era!

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact information

Didn't quite get it? Well we can't blame you, it's not like everyday you stumble upon a radio signal from the future. Check out the F.A.Q and contact information!